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Industrial and Commercial Metal Roof Services in Toronto, Canada

Metal roofing is an affordable, economical option for flat roof installations on both commercial and industrial buildings. They add beauty and style to any roofing system, but they do require more maintenance and inspections from metal roof companies to ensure optimal performance.

Royal Commercial Roofing in Toronto has served business clients for over 30 years in Toronto, Markham, Vaughan, Mississauga, Brampton, and other surrounding areas with high-quality metal roof installations and repairs. Our certified metal roofing contractors carry years of experience in the field, which delivers superior installations and the right repairs for the job.

Metal roofs are capable of withstanding high winds and heavy snow, making them a good option for industrial buildings. Furthermore, moisture-resistant characteristics help to deliver long-lasting protection. We also offer other business flat roof services with many different types of flat roofs to choose from.

Find the Right Gauge for Your Building

We provide several gauge options to represent a variety of strengths. The thickness also determines your metal roof cost.

Huge Color Selection

We offer tons of color options to match or mesh with any existing design or new construction building.

Corrugated Roof Design Options

Corrugated roofs can also be a work of art based on the design. Choose from a wide selection of profiles and features.

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Metal Roof Replacements

Sometimes, the best option is to replace your old metal roof with a new one. Eliminate those constant repair expenses and safety hazards with a quality steel roof installed by Royal Commercial Roofing. Utilizing the latest technology and designs, you’ll have better protection, longer-lasting roofing, durable wind resistance, and corrosion resistant advantages to prolong the life of your industrial or commercial roof.

Metal Roof Repairs

Does your commercial or industrial building suffer from roof corrosion, gaps, or water leaks? Contact us today and get reliable repairs designed to last for years. We’ll thoroughly inspect the area to ensure all components are in proper working order and repair parts that are not.

Emergency Roof Repairs

For times when immediate attention is needed to prevent further problems or safety issues, Royal Commercial Roofing is ready to help with our emergency roof repair services. Contact us and get the problem solved fast and efficiently. Our metal roofers ensure optimal performance and quality products. We back our services and products with a 100% guarantee!

Business Metal Roof Inspections

To maintain proper functionality and protect your roof’s warranty, regular metal roof inspections are important. They are also vital to ensuring long-lasting performance and to prevent costly repairs. Our experienced, certified metal roof installation contractors provide an accurate analysis, thorough inspection results, and helpful information to plan for future actions, potential problems, and financial funding.

Scheduled Maintenance

Royal Commercial Roofing helps maintain your metal roofing warranty and optimize energy efficiency through regularly scheduled maintenance. Our certified roofers will maintain seal performance, water drainage, slope, secureness, and more. In addition, we will notify you if we find any component that can lead to any future metal roof cost or potential safety concern.

Why Choose Royal Commercial Roofing in Toronto for Your Metal Roofing Needs?

For over 30 years, Royal Commercial Roofing has been serving the Toronto and surrounding areas with complete roofing solutions and durable repairs from small tasks like leak patching and ice guard replacements to bigger jobs like metal roof sectional repairs, soffit replacements, and more. Our commercial and industrial flat roofing specialists deliver quality service with the right recommendations and solutions. We’ve worked with Tim Hortons, Loblaws, Tridel Property Management, other property management companies, the city of Toronto, the city of Markham, major hotels, and a lot more.

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